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We apply the experience of over 1,000 consultations to maximize your claiming strategy.

My Social Security Analyst provides customized Social Security claiming strategies. We collaborate with financial professionals and work directly with their clients. We help their clients understand the nuances and rules surrounding the best claiming strategy. Clients who complete a consultation receive customized claiming strategies.

We use industry leading Social Security software to give our financial professional’s clients confidence in knowing they are getting all the benefits to which they are entitled. Social Security rules and regulations are daunting to the point of overwhelming, and keeping up is a full-time job. Professionals are able to provide their areas of expertise to their clients, while adding the value of Social Security maximization strategies from My Social Security Analyst.

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Mission Statement

Our mission and commitment to every client is to provide exceptional service. Our innovative and creative efforts will enable clients to have the confidence they are making the best choice in the selection of a claiming strategy that maximizes their cumulative lifetime benefits. With the decision confidently made, clients can return to celebrating their lives.
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Greetings Colleagues: I am posting the following in case anyone is having trouble making a decision about SERP; retirement, generally; or if you have issues with WEP or GPO, and social security and more.  I have found Diane Wilson, after an arduous search, who knows everything about social security and retirement. She has helped me, tremendously.
Even though my case is “vanilla”, I found your report on my wife’s and my social security informational and educational. I will refer clients to you with confidence and enthusiasm and look forward to our continued work together.
I want to pass along how complementary my clients were of Diane and how much they loved the call. They found it so helpful and re-insuring that they were doing the right thing. The information was awesome, and they really appreciated it. Diane did a fantastic job!
Thanks, Diane, for another great meeting where clients leave smiling!
I'm writing to thank you for your kind, thoughtful and highly professional efforts in helping my wife and myself obtain our maximum Social Security benefits.  I have recommended you to everyone I know who needs Social Security guidance. I know you are helping many people. Thank you for helping us!
We’ve had tremendous feedback.  The clients that have gone through Diane’s program have all just raved about it.  It’s been absolutely great. We will definitely have more for Diane.
Diane exceeded our expectations in every respect. Her analysis was comprehensive and included several scenarios which provided a clearer picture of options to consider. She quickly prepared our analysis and accommodated our schedule to set a meeting. And, most importantly, she took the time to fully explain and discuss her analysis and answer all our questions. Diane is a professional and expert who my wife and I highly recommend.
The analysis provided was extremely helpful and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend My Social Security Analyst
Wow! Diane Wilson presented a very complicated Social Security system into an easily understandable package. Her ability to separate timelines and benefits options was tremendous – we learned so much.
Diane’s depth of knowledge, experience and effervescence made the consultation an informative and pleasant experience – a true professional.
I have had Diane Wilson on my radio show and have since sent her a handful of clients to test her services as a Social Security advisor.  She has been fantastic!
Thank you for your claiming support today.  It was comforting to have an expert walk me through the application.
It’s very simple for any advisor to work with an outside Social Security planning expert such as Diane Wilson, CFP®.  It’s our duty to navigate these complex waters for our clients. 
Thank you so much for your help with my Social Security benefit filing.  The necessary steps are sometimes hard to navigate alone and I look forward so much to sending clients your direction.
Great job, Diane.  My clients breathed a sigh of relief.  They understood if for the first time.  They were pleased with me for getting a specialist to help them.  You did great!
Excellent explanation and guidance on a difficult and obscure topic relating to dual state pensions.
Diane took all my material I gave her and put it into understandable text, charts and graphs.  I have passed on her responses to the principal of the company with a personal high recommendation that they should use Diane whenever they get a client who has Social Security questions.
Working with my Social Security Analyst was incredibly easy and helpful. Diane Wilson was professional and knew exactly how to accomplish what I needed to do. She was friendly and personable and easy to work with over the telephone. I have the highest confidence that my application will be processed appropriately because of her assistance. I recommend her with great enthusiasm.  A highly satisfied customer.

What Makes Us Different

Clients are guided through Social Security claiming strategies with explanations of benefits and risks to their overall retirement goals.