My Social Security Analyst, LLC (“The Company” or “we”) provides the following Service(s): Customized Social Security claiming strategies and instructions on how to file for benefits. The Company provides these Services subject to the conditions and disclaimer in the “Terms of Service” as set out below:


We provide Services to individual consumers for their personal use. The information that we provide is not intended to advise or assist anyone other than the individual consumer. We assume that the information you have provided is complete and accurate, and was obtained lawfully. We are entitled to cancel The Company’s Services at any time for reasons including, but not limited to violations of this agreement and the conditions recited in this paragraph.


We and the Website,, do not provide investment advice, and the material on or generated by this Website is designed and made available to be used only as education and guidelines for crafting the strategy that is best for you.

Deciding when to begin benefits is a decision that you will not be able to change in the future. The Services that we provide are general in nature, and you should not rely solely on the information you retrieve from this Website. The Company’s Services and the information they generate are meant to be part of a broader toolkit that the customer develops using not only what we provide but also other content and tools provided by third parties not affiliated with the Company or this Website. By providing the Services, we aim to provide meaningful and pragmatic information that educates, but it is your ultimate responsibility to learn about and develop a personalized strategy that is right for your situation.

There are multiple ways to claim your Social Security retirement benefits. We use information you provide in conjunction with the current Social Security rules, benefits calculations and payout promises to generate a Recommended Solution for claiming benefits. But the best strategy for you depends, in part, on your desired tradeoff between maximizing your lifetime cumulative benefits and minimizing the risk that you will outlive any other financial assets.

The Company’s Recommended Solution should be used as a guideline. It is your responsibility to carefully consider the Recommended Solution and its implications before you adopt it as your own strategy. You should consider other scenarios and analyze and compare them against our Recommended Solution before making a final choice.

The Company is not responsible or liable to any person or entity for any actual or alleged loss or damage caused, directly or indirectly, by information provided by The Company’s Services.

Please keep a copy of this agreement with your records.